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Holy Online Fundraisers!

How do I begin a Holy Online Fundraiser!?

Just about anyone can run a Holy Online Fundraiser! Our goal is to empower individuals, groups, businesses, and nonprofits to raise funds and awareness for any cause they care about!  Contact a Holy Fundraisers Team Member today to see if you might be eligible.

What does it cost me?

Holy Online Fundraiser! campaigns arecompletely FREE to run from start to finish. There are no up-front costs associated with starting or running one.  You will not be charged at any point throughout your fundraiser, unless you make a purchase along with your supporters.

Why choose Holy Shirt & not some random national online company?

Holy Shirt! has been a local, family run and dependable screen print & embroidery company for over 30 years!  We have a long & strong track record of producing the highest quality products along with awesome/unique designs… all in a timely manner.  Also, if you have any issues or concerns, we are right in your backyard!  Support Local!

How much money can I raise?

There is NO LIMIT to your fundraising potential! It's all about how many people you can get excited about supporting your cause.

Your marketing & advertising capabilities will be put to the test.  The more people you can steer to your store, the more money you can raise!  Whether it be by sending home paper flyers, sending out school email blasts, setting up a community Facebook/Instagram page for your friends & family to share to their friends list, you name it… all of these methods of marketing will help get eyes on your store!

The amount you raise for each shirt varies by campaign and the number of items sold. That's because you decide which brand and type of shirt to sell, create the design concept with our help, and set the sales price. All of those things impact the cost of producing the shirt. 

Here are strategies to maximize the amount of money you make on each item you sell:

Pick a quality shirt that's not too expensive. For t-shirts, we generally recommend the Gildan Cotton Unisex.

Limit the number of colors & locations in your design. The more colors you use & them more locations of print, the more expensive it is to produce the shirts. We generally recommend no more than three colors to keep production costs down. If you need help creating a design, contact the Holy Fundraising Team today. They'll be happy to assist you.

Limit the design to one location on the shirt. It's more expensive to produce shirts that have designs on both the front and back.

Be careful with your sales price.  You want to set a sales price high enough to generate funds, but not so high that it discourages people from buying. With our guidance, you should be able to sell t-shirts for $15-20 and have a successful fundraising campaign. 

Sell lots of shirts!The more you sell, the more you make on each shirt.It only takes 250 sales to reach your maximum per item rebate potential.

Our team can work with you to create a campaign with optimal fundraising potential. Contact the Holy Fundraising Team and we'd be happy to help!

Are there Minimums?

Yes, you must be able to generate at minimum, 30 garments, to ensure your Fundraiser will be able to be completed by us.  Keep in mind at this level, while you would not be receiving any monetary rebate, you will be able to fulfill your order & keep your supporters happy.

If you don’t reach your minimum, all customers will be promptly refunded by us.

How do I know how well my campaign is actually doing?

Simply email your rep here at Holy Shirt! & ask for an update.  They are very responsive.

How do our supporters pay for their products?

Holy Shirt! Online Webstores accept a full fleet of online payment options:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX   …and if your just too darned tired to get up to get your wallet, we’ll make it even easier on you as we also accept ApplePay, Amazon Payments and PayPal.

How and when do I get paid?

During the initial setup process, you’ll be asked to specify who the funds will go to.  We generate your rebate check within 2-3 weeks or so after your store has closed.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you & your fundraising effort!