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Company Background:  Holy Shirt! is an established screenprinting/design company that has produced imprinted and embroidered sportswear since 1987.  We are small, but progressive company and our youthful workforce make some of the finest t-shirts & sportswear in the nation.   Our past customers have included Alanis Morrissette, Grateful Dead Merchandising, colleges throughout the Northeast, and schools throughout the United States.  Most notably our hit selling Syracuse University sports inspired shirts Marathon Men, Beat Nova, Overrated??!!, The Devil Wears Orange… and the list goes on.

Job Description:

The following position is available to an applicant with strong artistic ability (both computer & creativity), interpersonal communication skills, and a strong work ethic.  Candidates should be interested in permanent, long-term work in Syracuse, NY.  A successful candidate will also best meet the majority of the criteria below.


General - candidate should be a punctual and highly organized individual.  Strict deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously are norms in our fast-paced printing environment.

Computers -  How well do you know Adobe Illustrator & MAC OS?   a strong command of the following Mac-based programs is required:   Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.     Advanced working knowledge of Macintosh computers and their operating systems is preferred.   Candidate should also be comfortable with scanning, etc. Knowledge of concepts including 4-color process, email file transfers, etc. is required as well.

Web design -  Have you ever built a website?   a basic understanding of web design is preferred, but not required.  Knowledge of HTML, software programs like Dreamweaver etc are only a plus.

Screenprinting – Have you ever worked in a screenprinting shop?  a basic understanding of the screenprinting process is preferred, but not required. 

Illustrating -   Can you draw?  Advanced commercial illustration is preferred, but not required.    “Fine art” illustration and painting are NOT necessary.  Our jobs are commercial in nature.  Line art illustration, cartooning, caricatures, and occasional hand-drawn type are most representative of illustration work performed.

Competitive pay commensurate with ability/experience.

Benefits:  generous health & dental benefits as well as paid vacation, holidays, and sick days annually.

Applying:  applicants are encouraged to email us a resumé along with JPG or PDF examples of their work to: HR@holyshirt.com

Individuals who do not submit examples of their work with their resumé will not be considered.  Portfolio viewings are not available at this initial stage.