HOLY SHIRT!   YOUR #1 Source for all of your printing & embroidery needs. We ship nationwide & overseas.   LOW 12 GARMENT MINIMUM.

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CHOOSE YOUR ITEMS.  We have the brands that you and your customers/teammates want at all the various price-points. A great thing about the online stores is your ability to have many options!   You can peruse our countless catalogs and we can even help guide you to the items that we know are great sellers & popular choices!  Low 50+ garment minimum for some stores (varies depending on store & options offered -- if your options become great, we often require a 100pc minimum in order to close and fulfill).


DISCUSS YOUR DESIGN NEEDS.  Look no further.  Our award winning design department is one of the key aspects that make us shine.  Whether you want to keep it simple and only offer your logo or you need a fresh new branding for this years apparel, we're here to help.  Let us go to work for you.


CONFIRM SELLING PRICES.  After taking into account your design and apparel offerings, we work together to discuss reasonable selling prices that will not only provide your customer a fair price but also allow you to make a healthy profit.  Once this step is completed, it's all systems go & your THUMBS UP will have your store go LIVE right away!