HOLY SHIRT!   WE ARE #1 Source for all of your printing & embroidery needs. We ship nationwide & overseas.   LOW 10 SHIRT MINIMUM.


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Show your SUMB PRIDE in more ways then ever with these limited-edition SPIRIT SALE items from Holy Shirt! For your convenience, now accepting all major credit cards and PayPal. ACT FAST. 

Orders are being taken until WEDNESDAY, August 28th at 12 NOON. Don’t miss your chance to get these items before they’re gone!  GREAT FOR EVERYDAY WEAR, MEMENTOS OF YOUR TIME WITH THE SUMB, AND GIFTS FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

* Orders will not ship direct to you and instead, will be distributed by Band Treasurer Emily Osilka at practice, approximately 3 weeks after the conclusion of this sale.  

**If you are an ALUM or someone without a direct affiliation to a current SUMB member, you can pick up your order the next time you are in for a game OR the SUMB can ship to you for an extra charge based on the size of your order.  Please contact Emily Osilka to let her know how to proceed with your order (pickup at a game or ship with freight cost added).  

If you have any questions or if you’d like to see/inspect/try on samples of blank products prior to ordering, please see or contact: Emily Osilka at eo0764@ship.edu or by phone at (570) 933-9060.

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